#5 – racial profiling, prejudice, crime

Racism as observed and practiced is a prejudiced and/ or discriminatory action and reaction towards a race or individuals belonging to that race. When you address someone of another race in a discriminatory way for the purpose of throwing insults, it would considerably be an individual act rather than a collective one. But what if racism becomes a collective action? If we are to define crime as an action done against the morals of the majority, then I guess, racism here becomes a legal action validated by a collective consciousness.

An example of this legal collective racist act is the current immigration laws in Arizona, where colored individuals (specifically the Hispanics) are terrorized and dehumanized for the said purpose of “immigration law protocols” and “associated with crime prevention.”   Above is a documentary of  the most lethal sheriff in Arizona on immigration depicting  racial profiling(specifically of the Hispanics), discrimination, and inhumane use of power, where although it is but known to be “legal,” yet it clearly dehumanizes individuals and  defies human rights. (it’s quite a watch but its really packed with emotions and reality). The documentary shows how the Hispanics are being profiled and typified  to be the cause of crime by the authorities themselves. The Arizona sheriff, Joe Arpaio always points out how he is doing all these measures and inhumane street ambush, influence manipulation and radically educating citizens regarding illegal immigration through the schools, to “prevent crime.” But the fact is that, he utilizes the police force majorly for the purpose of implementing immigration laws but not on crime. Supposedly, the police forces are to provide the citizens  protection, security, and not fear. They should be working for the citizens and fighting for every individual rights an not to exploit it. This as an example of a collective racist act, I think is what we should really draw our attention to. If we have the time to brood over everyday petty racist remarks received, maybe we could also once in a while focus our attention to the collective racist acts that other people are mired to struggle against- everyday of their lives. Perhaps we can think of ways on how we can attain racial equality not only within our circles but also in a wider sphere.


2 responses to “#5 – racial profiling, prejudice, crime

  1. I totally agree with you and I’m glad someone put up the topic of immigration and racism. I feel that through out the years different races have been the target of discrimination and oppression; Italians, Irish, Africans (one of the races that have suffered the most), and now hispanic people are treated like criminals just because some of us came to find better opportunities. Some states are against any regulations to help legalize immigrants and most of these states are the ones that depend upon these people; and, as you said, their police forces provide with nothing but persecution and fear. It is time for us to open our eyes and minds and realize that not every immigrant is Mexican or Hispanic and that there is more than just a “state law” there are Human Rights!!!

  2. i agree with this as well. Arizona was (F*^&ed up) completely out of line when imposing those immigration laws and having people always carrying around identification. Although according to Machiavelli, he would argue that in order for a government to have power over its people it would either have to be loved or feared. I don’t think our government will be overly loved anytime soon so feared is the way to go, and Machiavelli agrees that fear is a better tool anyway. But i do agree that everyone has a right to be human and no race, color or creed should take that away from people.

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