Blog #3 Gilman and Gender Inequality

Gilman believe that women were unjustly deprived of their rights in society.  She realized that society unjustly seen women to be only being able to serve home and family. This was related to the fact that male dominated society.  In this society in which men feel that are superior than women and wrongfully di not treat women as their equal.  Gilman uses the term “Sex” the way we now use the term “Gender”, socially created to biological treats.  Women was marginalized socially and economically.  Women did not have the right to be successful as men were.  Gilman also observe social inequalities in the workplaces as well as the ways in religious and cultural expression also reinforce inequality in their own way.  So what would Gilman think about today’s world?  Would she feel that she made a point ?  Would she feel that she accomplish her theory?   In this new Era, women do not depend on men anymore.  now a days, women have the same opportunities like men do.  They are even more successful than men that they even feel more intimidated by women.   


3 responses to “Blog #3 Gilman and Gender Inequality

  1. I do agree with the fact that gender is quite equal at this day and age. woman are open to many more opportunities and they have flourished in them. Will i say that everything is perfect yet, no, probably not but it is getting there. Will i also say that i am scared of woman, no, i definitely will not. I am happy to see woman succeed. it has been a long time coming and woman deserve the same grueling, horrible, boring 9-5 job opportunities that men have. I wouldn’t mind a gender role switch. be able to sit home, watch tv and play around while i secretly drop the kids off at some daycare and hire a cleaning service before mommy gets home. And i like to cook so that i can do lol. Okay, all jokes aside i see your point and it is a good one. Some men are intimidated, that just means they dont see you as equal yet, but i am not intimidated. Go become a CEO of a company and send me a check for supporting you through it all lol.

  2. I think she would be proud and that she made her point. Women have come along way, we are more independent and yes have mostly the same rights as men. Though i still think that there is a double standard when it comes to males and females, i still think that government is still a more male dominant world. Maybe the day we have a female president that would all change and when that day comes we can really say things have changed, women and men are truly equal.

  3. farahmohammed9

    I agree with your post. And I feel that Women will not enjoy same rights as men. Men are always perceived as the stronger sex and therefore given the job of ‘bringing home the bacon’. Moreover, it is always unavoidable for males to be paid higher as compared to females when given the same task in a job. Many women are currently employed, given low pay and also have a little chance for advancement.

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