Post #5 Race and DNA

“At the DNA level there is no such thing as race”(Troy Duster). Race is simply a made up terminology or concept to deffirentiate between the blacks and whites. Race is determined by the physical aspect of a person. Since the early 1900’s there were so many programs that tried to prove the difference between the white race and black from testing lung capacities to measuring the actual brain size. There was also a notion about the difference in muscle density between both groups. Every tested experiment failed. Francis Galton wrote a book on eugenics which was about how to “improve ones race” He got the idea from his cousin Charles Darwin’s “Survival of the Fittest”. Galdon believed on improving the human genes by selling the idea that inorder for the best and the strong to survive the white race must not mix with the black. In other words, selective breeding. Eugenics was done on the basis of intelligence, since blacks were considered to be inferior to the whites on a intellectual level, Galdon believed that better intelligence would be achieved if the whites would only mate with their own race and not with any other. 

Unfortunately racism and I would say Eugenics is still going on. I happened to work with racist employer. They hid their racism by hiring minorities making it seem that they were the total opposite of racist. There were so many instances where my previous employer would actually tell me that it was proven that blacks had smaller brains causing them to lack intelligence. His wife wouldn’t allow his son to date anyone else but whites. Will racism ever cease? I don’t believe so, we are making it harder to stop. Everyone thinks everything that is said if it doesn’t apply to them racist. Example, if I use the word black to speak about a black person, automatically that’s racist, and vice versa. We are being to sensitive with words making it harder to move on from all of the negativity that involves race. 


One response to “Post #5 Race and DNA

  1. i agree that we do hold words with great sensitivity. you have to always use the politically correct terminology when speaking about another race which is holding us back. As for your employer, he is probably older making him grow up during a different time. Just remember 50 years ago the civil rights movement was still going strong. Affirmative action could also be holding us back in a sense as well as i believe we are almost past the point of that still being a problem. But, your employers son will learn to live the right way. He just needs to see the world for what it truly is, which is a unified nation where race is only a color, and people from all nationalities, races and creeds can get along.

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