Re-post Gender inequalites post#4

We live in a society where gender norms are prescribed to each person. There are biological factors which automatically puts us in a category. If one is a female, we are expected to play with dolls, doll houses, kitchen sets, as we get older clean and do hOuse chores such as cleaning the house, which will prepare the female for the time when she becomes married and eventually becomes a mother.  Males on the other hand are expected Play with cars, and are also taught they aren’t allowed to cry, they are more aggressive than women. Because of thE gender difference women were expected to stay at home and not “work” while men on the other hand go outside to work.

The disparity between women are becoming less as the years pass by, but the treatment seems not To change, women aren’t expected to be great leaders, we carry a stigma that we make decisions based on emotions as well as sometimes not being able to make rational ones. I saw a post that said, ” oh, she’s a house wife, she does nothing all day.” I’m not sure where men get this idea From, because being a wife and a mother is a lot of work. Women no longer put their needs first, there’ the cooking, cleaning, and being a teacher as well as a partner aspect of being a house wife. while there’s the home “job” women also work to bring home income in order help pay for utilities, mortgage, etc.  one income is no longer good enough to survive in this country. although things are changing where men and women are slowly becoming equal in the workplace and at home, there’s are still many miles to go because of the way society places these roles on the gender. 


2 responses to “Re-post Gender inequalites post#4

  1. Gender is still a big issue. The gaps have become narrower each year but i do agree that there is still a few stigmas in the air over this. Especially in the political world where “woman cant be leaders.” Hilary Clinton had that problem in 08 but she attempted to take it to a whole new level. She showed too much masculinity when she should have just showed true character, especially about the war. If it wasn’t for that, we may have had our first female president instead of our first black president. I believe the trick here is to allow nature to play its course. gender will be equal in the near future where stigmas wont be strong or at least as strong to defer people and roles will be even more equal, even though they have equalized pretty well now.

  2. I agree with you Connie with everything you just said. The role that we play now is the role we were taught to be. Since we are kids, our parents buy the respective toys depending on our gender. Boys plays with cars and soldiers and they are always constructing. Girls on the other hand plays with barbie dolls,, kitchen set, baby dolls and nursery set. When boys are little they want to be like their father and girls want to be like their moms.

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