Blog 4 : “That’s Racist”

Today, the term “that’s racist” is used to freely. Being racist is actually a hard word to define which is why i think people are so open to using it. Yes, there are many people who still are genuinely racist but I feel like it is more common now then ever that people tend to “stretch” and go a little to far with the term. For example, in today’s class about Du Bois would agree that some call the paranormal world “dark” because they are being racist and comparing to a dark skin tone.

In my opinion, it is people who stretch little things like that, that keep racism alive. If a person, or group of people are constantly focusing on comments that may be racist or watching what they say to not be racist then they are the ones who are focusing on the racial differences and not the economic or social similarities they have with others.


3 responses to “Blog 4 : “That’s Racist”

  1. Every couple of years, a new word or phrase becomes almost a household saying. The new “catch phrase” is “that’s racist”. Just like the “N” was once taboo it’s now in mainstream. The phrase “that’s racist” was once used towards someone or some entity that was actually being racist. You can say, just like the “N” word the more you use it in a non threatening or harmful manner, it takes away the “sting” or the negative connotation. However, It is still a phrase that has taken on a life of its own. It’s now in mainstream media. I think no matter how much you try to use certain words and phrases in their proper context, you will always hear it used as a substitute for something nowhere as serious as it’s intended purpose. My advice, just ride out this new fad phrase and wait for the next one, it should be coming shortly.

  2. I totally agree. Often times, people use certain words like the “N” word so freely, but just as any word like “dude” or “bro” etc. If you ask anyone why they use that word in their vocabulary, it most likely wont have anything to do with racial negativity. I’m not saying it’s ok to use the word because some people get offended, but I do not think it is that serious at this day in age. The more people focus on things like this, the more racism carries on.

  3. I think many people get confused with the term “that’s racist!”, even me. After hearing the audio clip in class, I caught myself before I said “that’s racist” to my friend and realized that we werent even talking about race. Many people confuse stereotypes and racism. For example, if someone said “asians are good at math” isnt racist at all, but it may be considered one of the many stereotypes that exist in society.

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