Blog post 3: What is Racism’s definition? The answer is: There is None

“Your racist!”  is perhaps the most thrown-around derogatory term in todays society.  Accusations can lead to severe consequences and leave a negative stigma on a person. Yet when these accusations are made, are the accusers truly aware of the true definition of racism? The webster dictionary defines racism as: “a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race”. No offense toward the prestige of the webster dictionary but in my opinion, Racism cannot truly be defined. Every case of racism is different, fueled by a vocal reaction to a race that a person is not familiar with. Humans are peculiar creatures. Quoting a Nas song ” Humans fear what they don’t understand, hate what they can’t conquer”. The reality remains that racism stems from a lack of understanding of another race. Every culture has certain notions attached to them that have grown with no more credibility than a legend passed on from generation to generation. An assumption about a group of people is made then ran with in an abundance of directions. We base our racism on notions that cannot even be truly validated with any sort of evidence. 

Would it be safe to say that racism stems from an innate napoleon complex? Everyone feels that their methods are the only true measurable standard of living and all else must resemble their own. The truth is, that statement I just made has NOTHING to do with race. The only reason a person’s race is attached to that notion of superiority is because race is a form of identification. It is the easiest method of measuring someones lifestyle because it is what can be visibly seen. A person’s physical attributes and their activities are the only forms of measurement. How can someone assume that another group of people’s choice of living is worse than their own if they have not been in their shoes? 
The truth is racism is a made up word attached to a invisible notion of ignorance. Racism cannot be measured nor is it fluid. It is a reaction to prior stigma’s attached to a culture, while failing to look into depth of what another person’s habits and beliefs. It is based on vague measures of visible descriptions and notions attached to that particular race. 

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