Blog Post #5 Duality and exchange

Duality is the idea that a society evolves from two opposing concepts social interactions and motivations.  In “Exchange” this duality appears in the relationship between value and sacrifice. Without sacrifice for an object, the object has little value because anyone can get that object. Simmel talks about goals: “if a goal were granted to us without the interposition of obstacles it would no longer be the same goal.” In this way we see the goal as more valuable because we imagine that we would be satisfied once we have it. But if we try to understand, we see that riches are valuable only because so many people do not have it and so desire it. Its value would not exist if people were not willing to go through a lifetime of work, study, or any kind of effort to achieve. Like for example us college student whose goals is to get a degree, we sacrifice our social life and study hard in order to achieve a degree. But if we did not have to work hard or sacrifice anything to get good grades and obtain a degree then we would not even consider going to college but it is because of the importance placed by social institutions and the work place that getting a degree seems valuable to does that have a certain goal were that degree will benefit them for success.





One response to “Blog Post #5 Duality and exchange

  1. I agree with duality. in order for a object to have strong meaning, there needs to be a sacrifice. College is a big one as we do sacrifice time, money and we work hard to get where we are today in hopes for a degree and either another institution or company to look at us to sacrifice some more. On the other hand, others go through life with little means of sacrifice in their blood but still go for a college degree or promotion. Their are some that only attempt to take, and giving isn’t really in their blood. Others have some things come easy to them like schooling or athletics or other things. But i do agree with duality, as being the best at something derives from the sacrifices that you made to get there and the more sacrifice you are willing to do in the future to be the best.

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