Blog #5: Innocent incarceration killing our tax dollars

image  I’d like to talk a little bit about DuBois and the NYPDs Stop & Frisk Policy. As we discussed in class in 2011- 685,724 New Yorkers stopped by the NYPD, which turned out to be a 603% increase since the program commenced in 2002. Furthermore, out of all those stopped in 2011, 9/10 were completely innocent, receiving no ticket or jail time. Out of the total stopped, a whopping 87% were either Black or Latino. About 350,000 were Black, approximately 220,000 Latino, and about 60,000 white. Does that sound like an equal distribution to any of you? I think not.

          As DuBois would question, are we setting up African Americans to failure, sort of to live a life of enslavement even after slavery was abolished, and even after they were given equal protection under the law as everyone else? It’s an interesting concept to consider even after looking at the facts such as that there are more African Americans under correctional control, then there were enslaved in 1850! That’s a crazy statistic that’s scary to come to terms with.
         What’s even more shocking is that 1 in 3 young African Americans will serve time in American prisons if the current trends continue. And even more surprisingly, in some predominantly African American neighborhoods more than half of all young Black men are incarcerated. Does that sound ethical or practical to you? I think not, and if you ask me, it sounds like a waste of American tax dollars. Why should the majority of my tax dollars go to incarcerating young innocent African Americans? It’s unethical, unfair, and there is no legitimate way to justify doing this.
         It’s an amazing statistic that the United States encompasses 25% of the worlds prisoners, while only having 5% of the population. Does this statistic sound like it makes sense? Most definitely not. Our country is way to quick to stop & frisk thousands of young African Americans in under-privileged neighborhoods and will relentlessly check, and check these young individuals until they find that gram of weed, or 8-ball of cocaine- just to have some satisfaction of putting some one in jail or issuing them a summons, even if its one out of every ten individuals they stop.
       If DuBois knew what unjust and unethical practices that the pigs of the NYPD engage in today, he would roll over in his grave. It is quite disgusting that they engage in this activity and act in this way when there are more serious issues happening in our city, that perhaps could be avoided or prevented of the NYPD focused on something else other than incarcerating the whole African American population.

One response to “Blog #5: Innocent incarceration killing our tax dollars

  1. Lively post, full of great stats, e.g., that Americans make up 5% of the total world population, yet 25% of its imprisoned population. This is particularly astonishing considering Americans’ self-image as freedom-loving people. How to make sense of this apparent contradiction?

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