Blog #7: Innocent incarceration killing our tax dollars

If W. E. B. DuBois were alive today and was face with the Incarceration stats and the amount of money that was being wasted, he would think the stats were atronomical. The number of African Americans and Latinos (basically a fraction of the population) who are being stop and frisked, are basically being harassed by NYPD and that many would contributed it to pure racism. DuBois would probably relate the unfair, blatant treatment and profiling to slavery and the continued mistreatment that African Americans have sustained since the days of the “Slave Trade”. He would see no difference in what occured over 200 years ago to what is happening today. Racism is more sophistcated and covert in modern times. Dubois would believe that, In the African American and Latino’s mind, the stop and frisk for no apparent reason would be because of the dislike for their skin color. In addtion, the African American and the Latino male would regard this prejudice as the chief cause for their present unfortunate condition(s). DuBois had said in sum and substance, Most white people are quite unconscious of any such powerful feeling that the African American and the Latino male have towards their unfair and their unjust treatment by the criminal justice system. Dubois said in the Philadelphia Negro “; they (white people) regard color prejudice as the easily explicable feeling that intimate social intercourse with a lower race is not only undesirable but impracticable if our present standards of culture are to be maintained; and although they are aware that some people feel the aversion more intensely than others, they cannot see how such a feeling has much influence on the real situation or alters the social condition of the mass of Negroes”. Needless, to say the present situation with the “stop and frisk” issue, DuBois would be shocked, but not surprised that we as Americans have not progessed and or have gotten past the prejudices regarding skin color in determining police prodecures.




One response to “Blog #7: Innocent incarceration killing our tax dollars

  1. I feel that racism is on such a sophisticated level now, that the people using racism to minorities try to justify what they are doing that’s how sophisticated it is now. W.E.B Dubois would recognize if he was still alive what they are doing and I know he would try to put a stop to it or even publish something on it. the NYPD makes what they are doing to only blacks and Latinos justified in saying that it is only to make the neighborhood safe. but in the meanwhile there are crimes that occur in white neighborhoods also. this is the sophisticated way of slavery because if they stop and frisk a young man and he is coming from school there are some dirty cops out there that can plant stuff in these kids pockets this is to keep blacks and Latinos down because if they get a arrested that’s a record which will stop this kid from furthering into college. this is another form of slavery in the worst kind because its done with a justification behind it .

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