Blog # 4 What is Racist?

I feel that racist is someone with prejudice belief that one race is superior to other.  In other words racism is treating someone differently  simply because they belong ton a different ethnic group.  I don’t think we are born racist, I believe that racist comes from ou,r views and beliefs that we develop as we grow up.  in many circumstances, we can be influenced  by families, friends and society in general.  If a child is surrounded by family or friends who are racist, he or she can think that there is nothing wrong to be racist.  These type of action sometimes leads violence and death.  At the end we are all human beings that have the same rights.  Race, skin color or nationality does not make a difference, what makes a difference is the person you want yo be in your society


2 responses to “Blog # 4 What is Racist?

  1. I disagree. Racism is much more than a belief. It is a systematic practice and action. America has been founded on racism and therefore is ingrained in society. It is up to individuals to go against the grain.

  2. I agree with Sandra, in a sense that racism is a way of life for some people. In America, it seems as if black people are the usual targets when it comes to racism, when ironically we should probably be the most racist people in the country, if any, in correlation with our history here. I agree, that people aren’t born racist, but I do believe that some folks are born into racism. However, what bothers me is people’s perception of “African Americans” when they arrive in America from other places of the world. It’s as if America paints this picture of us as to be looked down upon, so even foreigners feel superior to us. Also, the fact that a lot of black people are part of the poverty society doesn’t help. People dwelling in poverty do what they have to do to survive. I’m not making excuses for anyone committing crimes, but the struggle doesn’t present as many options and opportunities as people under better circumstances. Even the education of low-income areas aren’t up to the standards of a more wealthy community. So people have to work twice as hard, just to reach the bare minimum of acceptable. Nevertheless, racism occurs everywhere, but the difference is to what degree. I think racism is just a term, but i think racism is natural. Racism is nothing more than favortism with aggressive action in preference. People don’t like other people as a whole based on history, actions of a member(s) of a different group or because of lack of knowledge.

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