Post 3: Race and isms

It’s very obvious society is overly sensitive. You can’t say what you want if it will hurt someones feelings. But racism is unacceptable no matter the case. But what if society begins to abuse their power to silence individuals by branding them. By calling people racist I believe this is what is happening. We can see the term being used in the loosest of racial situations in anyway possible. It appears people use it as a “get out of jail free card” when they are in a situation where someone displeases them. Society has to toughen up a little and realize the true nature of the word racist, the excessive use of it causes the word to lose its power and meaning. Racism has been a powerful force in shaping our world it has influenced daily lives and workings of people. At one time it had even influenced works of science to produce skewed information. Carl Linnaeus, The father of binomial nomenclature, created the system which we use to scientifically name animals. He was not a racist, but because society refused to believe slaves or “lower people” could be of the same species as the well off and powerful he was forced to classify different types of humans into different species. If he had not done so people would be insulted that science had believed all people were of the same species and he would have been shunned. We must eradicate racism completely, but when people are constantly crying racist over the most minute of comments it will be impossible to do so. People are more interested in benefiting themselves by abusing the word than fixing the actual problem at hand.


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