Blog Two: Racism


I believe racism exists until this modern day, perhaps not as much as it was in the twentieth century where blacks were segregated from the whites simply because of their color. I have always felt that the word “minorities” that is used to describe other ethnicities other than whites is in some way putting other races inferior to the whites. Majority of the time it is stigmatized that blacks and other ethnicities are only good for certain things and cannot aspire to do better because it is not in them to do certain jobs that only white Americans are believed to do.  W.E.B Du Bois, a sociologist during the twentieth century is famous for his work on racism, race, class and justice for blacks. His work was highly significant and very personal because he experienced racism himself throughout his lifetime. One interesting thing I found about Du Bois was that he challenged the laws against miscegenation, asserting that a black man should be able to marry any sane grown person who wants to marry him. I found this interesting because many people still stare awkwardly when they see interracial couples. I was once in the Subway on my way to work and in front of me was a black male with a white female, they were holding hands and leaning on each other, it was obvious they were a couple. Next to me sat an older Hispanic woman who said to me “that is nasty, I don’t know why she is with a black man when she could find a man her own race and have better looking children.” I was speechless, I did not know what to reply to her but my facial expression said it all, so she stopped talking to me. I feel like still a lot of people do not like mixing races or are afraid of what others might think especially family and friends. What I found admirable about Du Bois is that he fought for a good cause; he knew how terrible it felt to be treated like a slave or second class citizen. Not many are willing to fight for what they believe is right and would just live with the issue their whole lives. Du Bois would say that race is a sociological idea and I agree that race is something sociological and not biological because biologically we are all equal and we all have the capacity to do the same things; however society tells us otherwise, that we are not all equal and limits us through stereotypes and tells us we are only capable of doing what is adequate for our race .


2 responses to “Blog Two: Racism

  1. What I find particularly interesting about your interaction on the subway was not so much that the older Hispanic woman held the views that she did but that she shared them with you, assuming you’d agree probably. In fact, this is another instance where opinions vary greatly by age or generational cohort, i.e., attitudes toward “interracial” relationships are significantly more favorable among younger vs older cohorts.

  2. There are still a lot of shallow people that can not accept interracial dating. However, I did notice that society is upgrading then what it used to be years ago. I work at a daycare and there are more interracial babies who come from amazing backgrounds that I never seen before. Filipino and Indian girl, black and white boy, Vietnamese and black girl and one little girl is peruvian Chinese Brazilian and Italian all in one. I believe that interracial babies are more interesting because they have so much background behind them and its a shame that some people do not see that.

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