Post # 3-Racism & Discrimination

Racism and discrimination are pretty much the exact same thing. Now a days we see more of both terms being used around like if it was nothing. We tend to judge  people based on their color of skin or where they come from. I think the skin color of  a person does not make them better or smarter, is your personality, education and skills that make you who you are. We all have the same color blood and we all have the same inside, all it changes is our color.Sometimes we tend to generalize a person an automatically assume that they are all form the same country or place without even stopping to realize that we all have some of the same features except that we come from another country. If you really think about it when Columbus and the Europeans came to America, there were Native Americans and Black, they all had relations with each other without caring about the color, so technically if you think about it, we are all mixed. When it comes to racism/discrimination, it not only happens between black and white, but also between any other race, between lesbians and gays, between immigrants etc. it shouldn’t be like that, but society makes it that way. I think that we should start teaching our children at home and in schools that we are all alike and maybe someday this will all stop and we will be seen as equals and not as Black, White, Asian,Hispanics.






One response to “Post # 3-Racism & Discrimination

  1. I definately have to agree with what you are saying. Now in the present people tend to stereotype certain ethnicities with certain characteristics. This is seen all the time on television and in our daily lives. It really is a shame to see this happening, however it is part of our country. We have a ethnically diverse country and racism is obviously going to be present everywhere. Not all cultures get along together and that is fine, but there is a imaginary line that that should not be crossed. Mutual respect should be the motto.

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