Post #4 that’s racist

Some people spoke in our class how students in upper elementary to high school are easily blurting out to their teachers that they’re being racist. For instance, I think the usual situation is something like when a teacher decides to call on a Black student more than an Asian student, the Asian student would say that the teacher is being a racist. I believe that since the topic of racism is hardly approached in schools by teachers; it becomes one of the reasons how a lot of the times young students receive this wrong idea. Many teachers are shying away from this topic because you just never know what can occur from one student mentioning an inappropriate comment to the entire class doing the same thing- more preparation for this lesson plan is probably needed than other educational topics. 


3 responses to “Post #4 that’s racist

  1. I agree with what you said about this subject being taught in schools. It should be a matter of discussion between teachers and students that way our children will learn and not act as fools and be labeled as racist. They are our future and we should teach them now in order for the racism to end.

  2. Yes, when certain topics – even (or especially) uncomfortable ones – are closed off from discussion and healthy debate, they tend to get expressed in unconstructive and unhealthy ways.

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