I’ve personally sat and listened to conversations with co-workers of black and white ethnic background. It ultimately would end with the white individual stating they were not racist and the black individual  slightly confused. They only agreed that they regretted voting for Obama; therefore the skit viewed in class had me laughing hysterically because conversation such as those do occur -frequently.(Of course, I am only stating my own experience.)

After class, I was enlightened on how mainstream and pervasive the saying, “That’s racist!” is. With in my own group of friends it is never said and I obviously was not paying attention to my surrounding because once I did, I heard it everywhere. Mostly in the mornings  on the bus from children in their teens and younger. And just as reported, it would make no sense. One child said: How you not know how to swim though?!. And the other responded: That’s racist. Another example I heard at work while we were guessing our middle names. It was the turn of a co-worker who is from the Caribbean and identifies as black. One co-worker guessed: Jackson!. And then everyone proceeded to laugh. More than one individual said: that’s racist! By that time of the day I knew those two words were going to be uttered by someone…

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  1. Fascinating field report, J.

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