“Acting Black” (#3)

The post under this talks about Hot 97’s “That’s Racist” section of a morning show. I was recently also listening to Hot 97 and never before realized that there was such a program. I guess racism is sort of taboo so the mind tends to blocked it out despite the fact that it occurs to much. On the program a fire fighter spoke about his co-workers telling him that he “ACTS BLACK.” His co-workers tells him because he wears Jordan sneakers and drive a particular car he is “acting black.” I was completely shocked I don’t think any personal belongings an individual has is associated with a particular race. I have posted a video below that I found hilarious entitled “Acting Black.” (Despite the video being comical its sad that society has associated certain actions/way of speaking with a particular race)

Sorry to go off topic but I also recently heard a speech from Bloomberg in which he addresses racial issues. Bloomberg had a very strong opinion on a recent shooting of a minority 17-year-old boy who was killed by a stray bullet. He criticized The New York Times for ignoring the story, he made it clear that if a white 17-year-old had been killed by a stray bullet the story would not have gone unnoticed by The New York Times.
Link to Article: http://politicker.com/2013/04/bloomberg-goes-to-war-with-press-and-politicians-in-passionate-safety-speech/


2 responses to ““Acting Black” (#3)

  1. Well, for starters I think mayor Bloomberg addressing the New York Times newspaper sent out a message, not only to the New York Times, but to other newspapers as well who have been accused of being racist or bias when writing or not writing an article. However, although the race of someone who dies shouldn’t be relevant when an unfortunate event occurs, the New York Times is a business. Personally, I don’t think much of the news or newspapers in general, but sadly if a stray bullet killed a 17 year-old white child, its not as common as a black 17 year-old being killed by a stray bullet because it’s a story we’ve heard one too many times, and the newspapers are in the business of selling newspapers. I’m not saying its right, its just the perception. Furthermore, I thought the video clip was hilarious. The term “acting black” is something I always thought was just worded wrong, in which I addressed to people several times. It’s like an I know what you mean, but I don’t know what you mean kind of thing. Also, it isn’t the type of term and description a black person wants to be used in reference to them as if those choice of words, actions and clothing style fit the “African American” culture as a whole. I think its more of a hip-hop culture.

  2. Unfortunately in today’s society people stereotype others by race all the time. Just as wearing Jordan’s is considered as acting black or speaking loud is considered acting Spanish. These misconceptions are a result of pure ignorance. People should not over generalize others by stereotypes of race.

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