Race and Terrorism (blog post #1)

Something that I find interesting is how some Americans define terrorism in regards to race. Terrorism is any act that uses violence or threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes. A lot of Americans would not consider murderes such as James Holmes (the man who shot and killed innocent people in a movie theathre in Colorado) and Adam Lanza (the man who killed innocent staff and children at Sandy Hook Elementary school) both white men,  terrorists meanwhile they’re actions fit perfectly with the actual definition. How some don’t consider their actions acts of terror honestly baffles me because the acts commited by those people were all violent acts used to purposely cause terror. Meanwhile, after finding out the Boston bombing suspects were Muslim people right away considered them terrorists. Those men are no different than the white men in terms of who is and is not a terrorist. They all commited acts of terror that in some way affected the entire country.  It leads me to believe that the reason this happens is because of racism. It seems as if when a white person commits an act of domestic terrorism, a lot of Americans say that he or she was mentally ill and that that said person needs help. When, in this recent case, it happens to be a muslim a lot of people immediately considered it an act of terror. Any act committed by anyone with intention to cause terror and harm is terrorism no matter what your race or religious background is.


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