Blog #6: Your Chances of Interracial Dating


I was doing some research for one of my other sociology classes and I happened to come across this chart. The chart depicts individuals, (both male and female- in an even distribution), and there answer to the following question, “Would you strongly prefer to date someone of your own skin color/racial background?” The study conducted by the popular online dating website OKCupid, yielded alarming results.

          54% of White females said they would strongly prefer to date of the same skin color/racial background, while only 46% of White females said that they didn’t care. On the flip side only 40%  of White males said they would strongly prefer to date of the same skin color/racial background, while only 60% of White females said that they didn’t care. This is a strong number, possibly indicating strong signs of racism within the White community. The White community exhibited the strongest sings of racism overall.
         Another alarming result, perhaps because of their strong religious ideas, and small community ideals, would be the Native Americans. 33% of Native American females said they prefer to date of the same race, while 67% didn’t care. Only 24% of Native American males said they’d prefer to date of the race, while 76% didn’t care as well.
          Altogether the Black community had the lowest numbers, percentage wise, in regards to if they’d prefer to date within the same race or not. While 22% of Black females said they’d strongly prefer to date within the same race, only 11% of males said the same. According to this study, the Black male cares the least out of any ethnicity in regards to interracial dating.
        What do these numbers mean to you, you be the judge!

9 responses to “Blog #6: Your Chances of Interracial Dating

  1. Just because someone does not want to date someone of a different ethnicity or race does not mean or prove they are racist. In some cultures the only people you are around are people of the same background as you so that is what they are used to, that does not mean they do not like anyone from another race. For example, in Glendale Queens the majority of the population is Caucasian or in Flushing the majority is Asian. Many people in those communities live there their whole lives and have all their family members living in the same area so they never explore other communities. They get used to the people they are around and form relationships with them. Saying that someone is racist because they do not want to date someone outside of their race is a stretch.

  2. I agree with pipolac26’s comment. We do not know why those that responded, responded in the manner that they did. There are many factors, including differences in culture, that play into such a decision. Although you probably wouldn’t be able to retrieve such information, I am very curious to know how many individuals were surveyed and where in the United States they were from (such as whether most of the respondents were from one region more than another or not).

  3. I completely disagree with this so-called study for numerous reasons. One being this is only a study done by OKCupid, and secondly because some cultures prefer to date within their own culture. Just because some people prefer not to date out of their culture or race does not indicate they are racist. They could have numerous Africa-American friends but do not wish to date outside their race because of their culture/religion or the beliefs that their family has. The same applies to dating outside ones religion whether you’re black or white. This study doesn’t really prove anything. We also have to look at the number of people involved in this research–not just the percentages. Overall, I believe these numbers do not indicate “white communities exhibit signs of racism.”

  4. I believe that while it exhibits some sort of racism, it’s not 100% solely racism. Some cultures such as the Native Americans, usually only date within their race, as traditions entails. However, I believe there is some degree of racism here. It is ignorant to say that there is a 0% racism factor involved here, and unprovable. There is more to the study if y’all want to check it out.

  5. I don’t think this can be considered racism. In regards to choosing a partner, familial expectations play a huge role in who someone is likely to date/marry. I know in my culture it is sort of expected that I marry someone with the same background and beliefs as my family. It’s not necessarily racism at play as it is more of maintaining traditions. I also agree with pipolac26’s comment. Sometimes its just a matter of who surrounds you.In

  6. There is no racism involved at all. It’s a preference. It’s what you’re attracted to. Yes, when dating someone, it sometimes reflects on how you were raised and what your parents instilled into your brain, but even then, that’s not always the case because I do know people that go against what their family expects of them. Another thing, saying that he or she wouldn’t date someone outside their race or culture is similar to saying that I would be discriminating against gays because I’m a female and I wouldn’t date a female.

  7. saying that someone wouldn’t date outside their race or culture is “racism”******

  8. I do not see this as racisim either. I come from a background where my parents would want me to marry someone who has the same background as me mainly because of our beliefs, not the skin color so it can avoid future conflicts. However, I do believe its what you’re attracted to rather than one judging someone by their skin color.

  9. I think that this research study is really interesting. However, I don’t really think that all people who don’t want to date outside their race. People cannot really control who they are attracted to.

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