Post #1: Gender Inequality

In our not so distant past, women were treated as 2nd class citizens, not being allowed to vote or own land. We have come a long way since the 1800’s but their is still a difference between male and female wage earnings/salary. Although the gap has closed drastically in the past few decades there is still a difference that can be seen. Women in the past were not only denied voting and land owning writes but were also denied availability to higher education. This has changed however in the past few decades as many women have been going to colleges and starting their own careers, and wanting to have their own lives outside the house. The women’s role of being a housewife has changed so much that I know a few stories of males staying home to watch the newborn babies and kids so that their wives can go to work. I wouldn’t say that’s a normal thing but that type of role reversal would have never happened in the past. Women have been accomplishing many things over the years, including Hillary Clinton running for presidency, Sarah Pail for Vice President. Two women almost made the final table of the 2012 World Series of Poker. This was a big thing as poker, much like other things has considered to be a male dominated “sport”.  Some sexist poker players even go as far as saying they shouldn’t be allowed to play. There has also been an explosion of professional athletic teams for females both in collegiate programs and public schooling systems.

After watching MIA’s videos in class “Bad Girls” and “XXXO” it reminded me of a funny video that I had to share which shows the gender roles of men and women in terms of courting/socialization. I found this extremely funny as I hope so do you.


4 responses to “Post #1: Gender Inequality

  1. What I found most interesting about the video was how at times the “role reversal” depicted types of interactions between and among straight men and women that are increasingly seen in the real world and therefore don’t seem as “abnormal” as they once did (e.g., male friends comparing their bodies and complementing each other on their appearance or female friends “on the prowl,” sizing up men like pieces of meat). But should this kind of gender-role reversal be considered a sign of progress toward gender equality anyway? Would it actually be a good thing if women started acting more like men have been socialized to act (under capitalist patriarchy) and if men started acting more like women have been socialized to act within our gendered social institutions? For example, do we want men acting more submissive and women acting more aggressive?

  2. I agree that women have come a long way in rewards to equality. Women such as Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin give other women in our society a positive influence. Women in powerful roles show other women that they are capable of extraordinary things and to never give up no matter how they may be discriminated against.

  3. In response to the question on whether switching male and female gender roles would actually be a good or a bad thing, I think that’s extremely hard to answer as an absolute. Certain times I think it would be good for society and beneficial to everyone, and other times I think it may not. For example I think it would be a good thing if women were aggressive with their feelings like guys were. In maybe asking guys out more, being more of the go getter, maybe even paying for dates :). After all we don’t live in a society anymore where women stay home and don’t go to work and make money, and the gender salary gap has narrowed tremendously the past few decades. As for guys, I think they would love to be treated as pieces of meat especially if they didn’t want anything serious as a lot of guys are very easy. On the other side however, I think if women acted like men, it would probably be unattractive. Also if women talked to each other the same way men do I think a lot of “cat fights” would ensue. So basically there is no way to say that gender role reversal would be good or bad, whether individually or for society. I think we should just focus on acting like better people instead of as the opposite gender or displaying certain roles.

  4. I agree Mina, but unfortunately we still have a ton of reality television shows like all the different “Real Housewives” shows, Jersey Shore etc. They may be fun to watch at times, but its completely demeaning and counterproductive to what women have been fighting for. Not only have they been fighting for rights but to be viewed as equals when it comes to society.

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