Blog #3: Dr. Cornel West on Race, Class, & Imperialism

Dr. Cornel West, in many regards, reminds me of a modern W.E.B. Du Bois, particularly as he got older and his ideas became more radicalized. Dr. West is a large proponent of exposing and criticizing systems of inequality or as he calls it, “systems that lose sight of the humanity of other people”. This is something that is very similar between West and Du Bois; there is a personal element in their rhetoric.  This interview touches on many topics we have discussed in class, including the “Stop & Frisk” and the “New Jim Crow”. He believes that we must express our sentiments loudly and clearly; we must hold those responsible, accountable. He discusses elements of imperialism, capitalism, and colonialism as well. Although quite similar to Du Bois, West is a both a bit more universal and critical “across the board”. He calls for constancy amongst activists and elected officials who fight against the various systems that are mentioned.


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