Blog Three: The “Me” and the “I”


George Herbert Mead was an American philosopher, sociologist and psychologist, his theory of the “Me” and the “I” is useful to understand the way we act among others and among ourselves. Mead explains that the “Me” is the  learned in interaction with others and more generally with the environment, while the “I” is the s the response of the individual to the attitude of the community, the “I” acts creatively, though within the context of the me. I believe this theory is significant because like Mead states when it comes to the me ” We divide ourselves up in all sorts of selves with reference to acquaintances”. We will not always act the same way with everyone. We self-consciously know how to act with our friends, with people like our managers, bosses, or family members. I personally am a much quiet, shyer person in school and at work than when I am with my friends or family. In school I barely speak and do not like participating. However with my friends or family I do silly things, make jokes, or constantly keep taking. The “me” knows that I cannot act the same way I act with my friends toward my manager. The environment in which I am placed does not allow that type of behavior and through acquired knowledge I know what is acceptable and what is not. This imposed behavior will therefore allow me to be well received in the environment in which I am placed. The “I” would be best portrayed when I alone. Only then can I truly be myself and act the way I want to without the idea that someone might not find what I do pleasing or entertaining. When I am alone I can do whatever I want without worrying what others may think of me nor do I have to behave a certain way. I can literally say I can only be myself around myself. 


2 responses to “Blog Three: The “Me” and the “I”

  1. It is quite amazing how Mead discovered this idea of “Me” and I:” many years ago. The way the mind works in correspondonce to the way you act in certain situations is very spectacular. He came to find out that people behave certain ways in certain instances with certain people. Everybody acts in accordance to what they are doing. For instance if you are with your friends, one might speak informally, however if you are speaking to your parents or grandparents you change completely and behave in a more mannerly way. You tend to please the opposing crowd with your behavior. Same thing can be applied to your work place, people just adapt in every way possible, even your posture changes depending on the environment you are in. It really is amazing how without notice you change your body and mind to adapt to new environments.

  2. I agree with the comment cbiramian said in regards to how one without notice automatically changes ones behavior and attitude depending on its environment. I agree with Mead as well when saying that the “I” is only its true self when you are alone. Because usually when you around anyone you act a certain way for whatever the reasons my be.

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