Seoul fashion and plastic surgery.

*This is a repost of what should have been sent out a month ago, but was found in my draft box*

As a Korean-American, I was not at all surprised by the “insane” fashion trends or popularity of plastic surgery. I am a fan of Korean pop culture so I know how common it’s become over the last couple of years. The reason behind it is because of the growing popularity of Korean celebrities. Many of the celebrities have big eyes, high noses, and heart shaped faces. So many teenagers (girls and boys) and young adults look up to these celebrities that they’ll do whatever it takes to be like them and in some cases, look like them. Many singers and actors/actresses are sought after due to their good looks so much that if a “not so attractive” person becomes a celebrity, they’ll joke around saying “they must sing or act really well”. The weird thing is, when they get these procedures done, you’re able to tell who got it because they all start looking like one another.

Plastic surgery is becoming so common that high schoolers receive double-eyelid surgery as a graduation present from their parents or relatives. Plastic surgery advertisements and doctors offices can be seen all over Korea. Last summer I spent my summer vacation in Korea and I witnessed one of the weirdest experiences of my life: I was in a convenient store in Gangnam (known for its high fashion and night-life) browsing through different make-up products when I bumped into a lady by accident. I turned around to apologize and was shocked to see her swollen face wrapped in bandages due to the recent surgeries that she’d undergone. I was taken back at the fact that she wasn’t embarrassed walking around in the middle of the afternoon indirectly telling people that she encountered that she had gotten plastic surgery done on her face. This was shocking even for me.


One response to “Seoul fashion and plastic surgery.

  1. I totally see where your coming from that is a pretty shocking experience and I have also noticed this social phenomenon with plastic surgery. People are even beginning to see this as more as in investment in their future then anything else. It’s become an obsession. People no longer embrace who they are or how they were born. It’s just if you don’t like it you change it and that’s the end of it. I find it kind of sad how people are so easily conform to what “society” think is beautiful and they try to live up to those standards I mean even if they might not totally agree just to fit in. I know a girl who was obsessed with how here Jose looked bc someone once made a negative comment about it and she went and got a nose job!! Seriously this blew me away I mean to go under the knife and be under excruciating pain just for the sake to please others or fit in is appalling to me! But hey to each it’s own!

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