Blog # 2 Merton and Strain Theory

Merton’s strain theory aims to explain why people in societies deviate and refuse to conform. He says that social Structures cause certain people to deviate and go against the norm.  This theory makes sense when trying to figure out why some people deviate. The social norm right now is that if you higher your education, you will succeed financially. A lot of young people (including myself) are feeling as if this is not the case. Now, furthering your education can put you further in debt. In the video we watched in class (Dubstep rebellion – the British banlieue comes to Millbank)one of the boys said that “He’d like to think of himself as independent and free and for me being in debt is not being able to be free and be able to make choices”. Because of that, he is debating whether or not to further is education. To him, he feels like it is not worth it because furthering his education, can possibly put him further in debt. It is so hard to get a job after you graduate from college that many people are starting to wonder if it is even worth it. The system we have favors the rich. If you have the money, you can go to a better school and get a better job. This frustration leads many people to go against social norms and leads them to want to change the society that they live in.


2 responses to “Blog # 2 Merton and Strain Theory

  1. This is why our children and even our generation are going to be unstable growing up because of not knowing what the future will hold for us financially. Education now is looked as a investment, but is it a good one? There have been studies shown that depict that normally college graduates will have a better chance of getting a secure job. But what about the other X amount of people who do not get a job. They just spent thousands of dollars on a worthless peice of paper(Diploma). The people in England as shown in the video in class, have all the right they want to protest and riot as long as people are not getting injured. They did get a bit carried away but they feel as hopeless as are generation does. Our tuitions keep going up but no one has increased pay and there havent been much job openings anywhere lately. It seems like college is the only answer to open doors to maybe find a decent job.

  2. I totally agree with cbiramian that education is now looked at as an investment instead of an options like years ago, because of this countries financial situation people seem to think that higher education is the only real guarantee in order to get a secure job (decent paying). But my question how about those people who arent made to go to school, school is not for everyone where do they stand what will they do. And those who cant afford to go to school because of higher enrollments and less funding tuition is getting higher. So how does that work only certain people will be able to attend college, and also if everyone has a degree that means more competition when applying for a job.

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