Challenging Stereotypes, ‘Destigmatization’



6 responses to “Challenging Stereotypes, ‘Destigmatization’

  1. I believe, in order to get rid of sigmas, or steretypes, everyone’s efforst is needed. If people can just be good, or at least show their good deeds in front of other races, then people may change their opinion toward them. Of course, education will always be the key to keep people from doing bad things.

  2. melobermeier24

    I agree with pchen109 above me. My first semester at QC I took a sociology class called Ethnic and Racial Relations and like pchen109 said, it has to be a group effort. In this class I learned that everyone has their opinions and sometimes no matter what happens their opinions never change. Unfortunately that is just how the world works and if I could be the one to change it I would.

  3. I think that no matter what anyone does, sadly, people will always be stigmatized. Just like there will always be crime and tragic situations. What i mean by that is for example, is the Boston bombings. The bombers were from Chechnya and now Chechans in society will be stigmatized, or members of his family will be stigmatized.

  4. Speaking of stereotyping and by looking at the pictures i couldn’t help but thinking of a personal experience. On my first semester at QC I took an acting class and the first question the “professor” asked was “Raise your hand if english is your second language” I thought he was really curious about the mixed nationality class we looked like; but then he starting asking a few about their nationalities (of course to whoever didn’t look spanish for him) so when the few spanish said which was our mother language immediately he told us to drop the course. Why? I don’t know but he said it was because in order to pass the course we were going to need to do a monologue and a scene with a partner, and if we don’t really know how to speak english and or understand it, it would be really difficult for us.
    He truly gave me a hard time but with all my effort I think I showed him how wrong he was until the point he suggested me to switch my major from Education to Acting.
    As an education major student I asked myself Do we need teachers like this?

  5. Unfortunetly people are always going to be stereotyped no matter what. Even if people put the effort to really change the idea to not judge others, that is not going to happen through the whole population of us that there is. Not only will they look at nationalities but also what kind of education does someone have? How much do you know? doesn’t stop. I am Hispanic and sometimes i do get stereotyped a lot because of my culture but then again, i just try and ignore. Based on education, i am striving to accomplish my goal and prove many people wrong that i can and will achieve something that they think i won’t.

  6. Everyone is always being stereotyped one way or another and sometimes it can make people feel bad, or even angry, im colombian and sometime when i tell people wher im from they automatically think that because m y family is colombian i have some sort if connection with drugs . Its hurtful yes but that is when you realize that there is a lot of ignorance in this world and without education a person cant really learn much

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