Deviance portrayed in the YouTube clip, “Good Morning” of the show Workaholics (blog #3)

This show is about the everyday life of three guys that graduated from college and are now in the working field and work to a minimum to get by in life. This clip is a perfect example of social deviance and going against the norms in society. Of course people love to party and do crazy things but when these guys wake up from an extremely wild party, their underwear on backwards, the house inside out, they seem to be ok with it while others in society might find it extremely weird or not normal. The women in the beginning of the clip look at them like what the hell are these guys doing. And before you see what their house looks like, you see what the other houses in the neighborhood look like, which appear to be “normal”. The main idea of this show is the process of growing up and the changeover stage between college and adulthood but at the same time, this show depicts ordinary social deviances practiced by young adults. They don’t take their jobs seriously, they use every kind of drug there is, they live in a house that is considered to be juvenile and they don’t care what others think of them. They do very little work and consider any more work as torture. They even used the death of a coworker to take the day off and party. While this all depicts social deviance, there are many people that enjoy this show, including myself, even though the actions in this show stray from the norm.


One response to “Deviance portrayed in the YouTube clip, “Good Morning” of the show Workaholics (blog #3)

  1. i completely agree. This clip shows the three guys not following society’s norms. Everything these guys do and represent is against their “institution” which is their place of work.

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