Post 4: Stereotypes

Lets look at stereotypes for what they really are. They are a classification of a group people based on generalizations which are infamous for being overly inflated and mostly false. Stereotypes are just an attempt for individuals in society to make themselves feel separated from the differences which they witness. Much like the classification of races, stereotypes are just another way for individuals to identify and separate themselves from one another. There really isn’t much of an issue to separate yourself from another groups. The problem begins to form once you begin to view that group as lesser or yourself superior. Just like the classification of races there is really little need for stereotypes. Race is based off of the way you look, but the reality is humans are all the same. We are made of the same building blocks, the same body plan, and our genetic difference in the farthest and most diverse of races does not even exceed a .03% difference. So what gives stereotypes any credibility? Just because an individual dresses a certain way, or listens to a certain genera of music or even likes something you don’t does that make them actually different? Of course not. But the sad fact is that society is so ingrained with social stereotypes that we can’t escape them. We hear so much hate for people being hipsters or metal heads and even pot heads. These are all very diverse groups of people who just happen to have similar interests. This creates a social hierarchy which is unacceptable and can make individuals lives far more difficult. Just because someone has tattoos, or a guy has very long hair, or someone smokes weed does that make them stupid or a bad person? Through our own personal experiences I’m sure we can all find plenty of examples of individuals who we know which break stereotypes associated with these groups. People will say things like oh there’s always exceptions to the rule, but if we take a step back we will realize that there is no rule to begin with. We are just clouding our judgment of others based on hearsay and not on logic and reasoning.


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