Post #5: Challenging Stereotypes, ‘Destigmatization’

There are many racial stereotypes in this world that lack to upgrade with society. Society has become open minded, for an example, our first black president was elected. 20 years ago he would not be recognized as is he now therefore society is developing to be open mixed worldwide. There are a lot of stereotype people who are really ignorant and they need to upgrade because the United States has a lot of diversity and its becoming worldwide. All those comments that are made in the picture are made by people who can not look past ones religion, beliefs and background. The picture is trying to describe that even though these people come from the same background, they are still different and should not be categorized since they have their own personality, goals and beliefs. In todays society, when people think about Mexico, they automatically think about the border or cheap labor whereas the worlds richest man named Carlos Slim is Mexican. Having stereotypes on other people makes one miss out of an individuals character. Therefore, we should look past ones appearance but look at what is inside. 


One response to “Post #5: Challenging Stereotypes, ‘Destigmatization’

  1. I totally agree. Judging a book by its cover is never the right thing to do. We need to look and think deeper before we judge the others. We may as well think in others’ own perspective and culture.

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