Post #4- Conformist, Ritualism and Innovation

There are different ways of how we go about our lives whether is to conform, to innovate, ritualism, to retreat or to rebel. When it comes to the work place we rarely rebel unless is something extremely bad and we really don’t retreat because of the bills we need to pay, even though people decide to do so in order to get all the public assistance they can; since it seems that thats the only way you can get any assistance in this country. People who have a full time job a make money do not get any of that. I was denied health insurance because I made “too much money” without them considering that I pay rent, utilities, food, school and everything else, but I rather work and provide for myself than just stay home and be a couch potato 24 hours a day 7 days a week. As workers we usually either conform, ritualize, or innovate throughout their career  as a way to fulfill their goals and dreams. Some people conform and are ok with working a 9 to 5 job, renting an apartment and living day to day life. These conformists see it as “I have a job no matter how bad it is” or ” I have a place to live no matter how much i have to work to pay it”. Others are not happy with their positions in their workplace, not happy with what they have, so they innovate, they try to get what they want no matter who they have to hurt or use to get there, even if it’s illegal. These people turn to selling drugs, they take credit for other people’s work in order to get ahead, even kill people in order to obtain money.

There are also those people who are tired and bored of their job, but they stay because that job is what pays their rent and pays the bills, even if we know that the job wont get us nowhere. For example where I work, there are people who have been in the same position for over 25 years, yet they stay there because they know what is expected of them and what they have to do every day. Also they stay because that is what pays their rent and they feel that they can get away with certain things that they wont be able to if they started a new job.

we don’t have to conform or let our jobs become a ritual, or try to go up the corporate ladder by innovating.  We can always find a way to get what we want even if it takes time. We can use our current employment and learn things that will help us find something better in the future, yes finding employment is difficult now-a-days, but the experience and knowledge we can always find something better.




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