Post #6- Colonization

When we think of Colonization we think back to when Christopher Columbus discovered America; but did he really? When Columbus and the Europeans came to  the Hispaniola, there were already people there, but he came and took over as if he owned the place. When it comes to the United States, there were already  Native American living here, and in a way they were ripped of everything they had worked hard for, and became slaves of their own land. This also brings about today’s issue of immigration. We are ALL immigrants because the first people here were the Native Americans, but they disappeared because of colonization.




3 responses to “Post #6- Colonization

  1. The story of Columbus and his treatment of the Native American people is a prime example of western colonization. Columbus and his ethnocentric pals forced their way onto the land and drove the Native Americans out with disease and western technology. It’s a shame how oblivious some Americans are to our past.

  2. Colonization happened so much and unfortunately it took many Native Americans to be slaves and be driven out from their own lands. The same thing happened in Mexico when the Spaniards tried and wanted to conquer the lands. Also when the french wanted to defeat the mexicans to take the lands that did not belong to them. Colonization was a huge deal before when the more lands a country had, the more power they seemed to achieve.

  3. I totally agree with you !! Colonization is just a simple excuse of those who came to our continent to rob and to kill native people. The same thing happened when the Spaniard colonize the Incas and destroy a big imperial.

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