Response to the riot in England video

I found the riots in England to be interesting, and I the conflict between the news reporter and the man being interviewed was unjust. I feel that the news reporter was disrespecting the man by interrupting his statements. Also, the way she pointed her finger at him for participating in a riot was not fair to him. Just because he had knowledge of a previous riot does not mean he took part. This was discriminating. Everyone’s opinions deserve to be heard without being cut off. I don’t blame this man for getting as upset as he did, especially when standing up for Mark Duggan. I feel that the authorities in England misuse their authority, just as any other authority figures do around the world. Discrimination, does in fact still occur, but it is never taken seriously when it is done by authority figures. It is only an issue when it is done by citizens in society. By this statement, I am not saying that all who have authority discriminate, I am speaking only for those who do. What makes their opinion any more important than someone speaking their thoughts about current issues in society? Everyone deserves to be heard, and nobody deserves to be discriminated against.


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