Riots in England

When I saw the clips of the Riots in England I think it was very violent because there were people getting hurt , property being vandalized and much more. I do believe in fight for what you believe in and trying to make a change, how ever there are ways that you can do that with out the violence. when I saw the first clip and the one person spoke about the rise of tuition it reminded me of the protest that happened in 1989 when the student shut down all of Cuny because of the raise of tuition. I am fortunate enough to work with people whom where involved in this protest. My co worker who was a student at the time told me that students locked them selves on campus and did not allow faculty and staff to come in. only students were able to come in and out of the building. my co worker mentioned that it was a week she cannot forget and that she would do it all over again.
down below is a link where you can read about the Cuny shut downs


One response to “Riots in England

  1. I also think that the people who participated in the riots, fought for their rights
    in the wrong way. They didn’t stop to think about how their actions would impact others. Ultimately, I think that they should have protested against the injustices that they were facing peacefully, just as you described.

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