Stereotypes & Stigma

Ironically, at the time we were learning this, the news and radio were bringing up the issue that the CEO of Abercrombie and Fitch does not want anyone but the skinny, popular kids in school to wear his brand. As disgusted as I was, and still am, upon hearing that, I’m not surprised. Society in this day and age is so focused on appearance. The comment made by this CEO was degrading on so many levels, especially because the clothes he makes do not fit anyone who wears over size 5 jeans. Everyone has a different body shape, some curvier, some petite, and clearly, these clothes were only made for one body type. Another thing, who is this man to say that only “popular” kids are allowed to wear his clothes? What makes one more popular than another? It’s things like this that cause adolescence to be such a rough couple of years. Self-esteem issues and emotional damage are caused by the rise judgment and stereotypes, in society, and although there is nothing that can truly put an end to it, it should not be tolerated.

Stereotypes among culture and religion are another thing that upsets me. I still see discrimination against Muslims and selected religions because of 9/11. I understand that this was a very emotional and tragic day, but it is ignorant to link all people in this religion to those terrorists who carried out the act of terrorism. On Steinway Street in Astoria, I saw two grown women making fun of a Muslim girl – she had to be about 14. This poor girl was a baby when the terrorist attacks took place. I couldn’t stomach it. And to think that this happens with multiple religions, cultures, ethnic groups, etc. This is not how the world should be, but unfortunately it is.


2 responses to “Stereotypes & Stigma

  1. well said. I wasn’t in class today but I can see we all agree that this is some ignorant and arrogant times we are living in. T.V. sitcoms and their over exaggerations have become todays teenagers real lives.

  2. I couldn’t agree with you more. It is really down right disgusting to see that racism and stereotyping sill exists and to be honest, I don’t think this will be simmering down anytime soon. The thing that upsets me most is the grouping of one type of ignorance of a particular person on the whole of the group/religion/ethnicity. It is immature to think in such a way.

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