Post 3: Response to Occupy Wall Street


Occupy Wall Street is a protest movement that began on September 17, 2011 in New York City’s financial district. Main issues brought up in this protest were social and economic inequality, greed, and corruption from the government. A big theme of the protest was “We are 99%”. This referred to the wealth distribution in the United States between the wealthiest 1% and everyone else. I wasn’t too informed on Occupy Wall Street before watching this video, however I knew the main points of what people were protesting for and why. I also knew that the way police and authorities were handling these protests raised much speculation, but I didn’t know to what extent. I was shocked to see the way police officers were just pepper spraying people in a line and treating people . It disgusted me to see that this is the way authorities react to a movement trying to raise awareness. From what I could tell the protests did not seem like they were dangerous riots, but instead a large mass of people getting together and saying they had enough. I think what made this protest so scary to authorities was the massive size. They felt like they were losing control and resorted to the mistreatment of these people to try and scare people and regain control.


4 responses to “Post 3: Response to Occupy Wall Street

  1. melobermeier24

    I agree with everything you stated here, but what I also agree more with is that the police probably felt like because the crowd was so big and they felt as if they are losing control, they resorted to violence. Authorities are suppose to set examples for us yet when they go around getting rough with people because they are scared isn’t the way to handle the situation.

  2. I totally agree with what was also stated here but the reason why the police officers resulted to violence was because of the things that were going on within occupy wall street. I wasn’t a demonstrator but I passed by couple times and what I saw was amazing to me. the people (majority) who say that they are actually representing the 99% was in my opinion a disgrace. it was mostly college students who were cutting class smoking weed even having sex in the tents screaming. they weren’t organize at first. it was more of a social group hook up scene. don’t get me wrong there defiantly people there hard working people who wanted to protest. but at the same time the 99% built up of hard working under paid people with families who want a change but knows that being arrested and causing riots wouldn’t be the way to get change.

  3. I agree with your post and I think that the police shouldn’t have resorted to those measures to control the crowd. They should have found other ways to do so.

  4. An unorganized assembly of people does have a potential chance that it will turn into something else. I actually think the police werent totally wrong. Few months ago in China, people went on to street to boycott japanese goods because of the controversial Diao yu Island. It ended up in chaos because some people start to use this excuse to destroy personal properties and individuals start to try to make profits by attacking stores or robbing foreigners. Obviously, the cops did not do much at first and it led to this chaos. My point is the people that are haing a strike or a protest need to be control and not to show a sign of disorder. Then hopefully it wont lead to another chaos and the cops wont need to supress the crowd with violence.

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