‘A&F Gets a Brand Readjustment’


4 responses to “‘A&F Gets a Brand Readjustment’

  1. Wow!… Is this what “fashion” is doing to youngsters? Now-days it is not easy to find people who get dress because we “need clothing”, everything now is not only about how cool the clothes are, but also how cool and “good” (relative) you look on them. “A lot of people don’t belong, and they can’t belong” who is this guy??? oh the CEO of the A&F right…
    Thank you for the video I am really willing to help to Fitch The Homeless.
    I found this and as I was watching it I said to myself why would someone would even think about working for them.

  2. This video was awesome and quite funny. I have heard of A&F and their sleazy ways, but never put much thought into it. What this man is doing/has done is an innovative way to get back at a company that would probably become enraged if they heard of it. Now, that’s the best way to fight back.

  3. Haha, the introduction of the video… The CEO of Abercrombie does not want to hire people without a model look, or want people that are “too big” to buy his clothing. He is definitely stigmatizing men and women by their physical features. Gilman could be noting that this CEO is too sucked in to the gender norms of what American society believes on how a girl should look.

  4. I found this video quite entertaining. I personally do not shop at A&F because I am aware of their hiring practices and the principles of their CEO. I feel a business, especially a major clothing brand should cater to individuals of all sizes. For A&F to refuse to have XL or bigger sizes demonstrates that they only want a certain group of people to wear their clothing. Also the fact they they burn clothing instead of donating and helping those who are less fortunate, what does that really reflect about a company ? This is not a marketable company that people should patronize at all.

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