Blog #1 – Gilman “Gender Inequality”

Gilman’s theory on gender inequality is still present in our society today. Today a women earns less then a male does even if she is better qualified for the position then he is she will be making less then him which is pretty unfortunate. In the clip from the show “Mad Men” we get to see something very interesting that I believe still happens today and is still encouraged. We see how Joan the head of the secretary pool shows Peggy the new girl the ropes around the office. We see how Joan tells her to dress better, to be very attentive to her boss and to watch her figure so ultimately she won’t have to work and to become a housewife. I find this all so controversial because women in the workplace always have positions like receptionist or secretaries and are expected to be like wives and waitress’s to meet the needs of their boss who of course are men and their ultimate goal is to get married and be whisked awato into the suburbs and away from the city. It’s as if men dominate everything everywhere and women should always just be in the mere shadows tending to their every need. In the sixties we see this happening again when women who had access to education would start attending universities but most of them wouldn’t finish because they would end up married before they finished its like women did want to learn and become educated but above that the most important gender role of a women is to be a wife and a mother and taking care of things in the domestic sphere. Women still today deal with them and it is usually why because of these roles women are told they make less money then a male either because their women they’re less competent then men, have to raise babies, and have to be paid out if they go out on maternity leaves. The fact that women are viewed this way just because of the gender roles placed on us by society is unfair and upsetting in my opinion.

5 responses to “Blog #1 – Gilman “Gender Inequality”

  1. I think this is because we grow up seeing that a woman’s primary role is a caregiver/homemaker. And since a lot of us come from cultures in which woman don’t even need to work. I don’t agree with this view, women should be able to work and be considered equals of men.

  2. The idea of man and woman are not equal has existed for probably thousands of years in some culture which means it is not something that can be changed in just one or two decades. It requires more time for people to understand that woman is able to perform what man can do. Therefore, you may only be patient and wait i think.

  3. The response for Gilman and “Gender InEquality”
    I believe that the days of women days of women just being secretaries
    and receptionist has passed. Women are now Journalist, doctors, Lawyer, Teachers, and even Astronauts, Yes the sixties has come and gone. Yes Im not saying women still are able to have families and and career. Men may make more them then that part is true but we have made very huge steps in society. No longer like the days of Gilman and the sixties do we have to wait on our husbands approval only if we so desire those days are gone for good. The examples of women in the white house is Condoliza Rice, also Christine Quin in Politics. We have progressed. HoorAY!

  4. Gender inequality still exists today as you say, but sometimes I see it is fueled by women itself. Personally speaking, I’ve spoken to women that feel (even if they work) it is their responsibility to tend for their husband and children. And if some encounter men that can cook or clean or choose to help around the house, he is considered a golden gem. Also, if women/men find out that a woman can’t cook, it’s seen as an outrage. Your judged to be an atypical woman and once in a while a comment such as “so what are you going to do when you get married?!” comes out.

  5. Many doors have been opened for women. There is a place for women in every workplace (even the army since January of this year). Not to mention the wage gap is getting smaller and smaller ($0.23 per hour says Forbes).

    The article linked also talks about how race makes a larger difference than gender in pay. And when you compare men and women in similar jobs at similar ages, women sometimes make MORE than men. It also alludes that in situations where women make less, sometimes they are too timid to ask for a raise.

    What about gender inequality in benefits? Is that factored in? Women are offered Maternity leave… what about men? Do they get Paternity leave? In some progressive businesses, yes.

    The pressure to be a wife and mother will be as ever present as the pressure for a man to be a bread winner. Just because these gender roles exist, doesn’t mean that they must be embraced.

    Now, I’m not saying that women have it easy, or that there isn’t bias… It seems like there has been a lot of great movement towards equality in that arena and comparing modern day to the 1960’s is a false relation.

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