According to the theorist Fanon, colonization is the creation of two societies that are contrary to one another. These two societies consist of the colonizer and the colonized. Mahmood Mamdani gave a speech related to this issue when he discussed America’s colonialism and how it has functioned as a colonial power. Mamdani discusses the fact that America is a settler country that is free from feudalism and rooted in democracy. Mamdani also feels that European colonialism over Native Americans impacted them in a negative way.

America has its own ideas on what it means to be American and what type of mold people should fit in. Mamdani claimed that those ethnic groups that do not fit the “European white”mold are not considered to be a part of a lower or inferior status to those that do. Native Americans would be considered one of these people groups that do not fit into the “European white” mold. As a result, they were pushed aside and marginalized by the United States who previously colonized them. Even to this day, many Native Americans are not fully integrated into American culture and mainstream society. As this group was colonized, they were pushed off to a reservation, so that they could be sectioned off remain as a minority. Mamdani, also claims that some people want to refer to Native Americans as “Indians” because they don’t really see them as the natives and start to this country.

Fanon claims that colonialism is something that takes place through force and oppression. The United States colonized Native Americans with violence and force which greatly oppressed an harmed Native Americans. Fanon also claims that the colonizer takes everything away from the colonized and come up with certain tactics to reprieve their guilt. This also true between the United States and Native Americans. This oppression and force causes the Native Americans to have a “double consciousness” about themselves and who they are as a people (Dubois). Ultimately, colonialism can have unjust consequences upon those who are colonized, forcing them to be oppressed by those who have colonized them.  



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