Blog # 5 Fanon

Colonialism is a big concept on Fanon’s part. I do see where he gets the violence and agree with his theory. Colonialism, there is no attempt to hide the control by the governing capital. The police are right there on the street next to you speaking with force to get jobs done and follow the mother capital’s rules. This can make many people angry and in the mood to revolt with violent tendencies. The natural reaction is to fight fire with fire and what more do you expect from a massive colonized group that is being oppressed. It happened all over the world, in France, India, the United States and many other nations where revolution was sparked. But, you need the spark to be set and the best people are the ones with the least to lose and the most degraded in the society. They are the backbone to most revolutions as they provide the numbers in battle. Now, how can we compare this to society today…?

Revolutions around the world are still occurring, but lets look a little closer to home. Although we live in a capitalist society, that just covers up the oppression occurring. revolutions are taking place all around the nation from New York to Oakland. These events could be the start to a societal revolution that the people see is needed. There is still no spark yet, and the group is not focused so there will be no success in a revolution. Also the fact that the military with its standing army, hellfire missiles and stealth planes, any violent revolution will be slaughtered…Other methods must take commencement. As a nation, we have to take Oakland as a major example and just tweak the formula. It isn’t enough to just get people together. The group has to be focused with core ideas. They cant just stand around with their own personal ideas, one to disband the government while others just want milk and gas to cost less. With core ideas, their is a willingness and a bond to fight together. From the lumpenproletariat to the doctors and lawyers in our society, change will only commence if core ideas are drawn together and focused into a concise plan for success. 

Even though the cops are not armed on every street corner, capitalist society uses different control methods. from education to authoritarian government tactics the people are not entirely free and and oppressed not by guns, but by society. So as a society, we have to look at Oakland. If we have a problem with the way this nation works, we have to stand up as a group and act. We are not the worst in the world (some nations have over 50% unemployment rate for late teen-mid 20’s) but if this trend where the 1% gets richer while the rest suffer, it wont be long until we reach those numbers. So we look at Fanon with colonialism and control by the mother country. Even though we cant see them everywhere physically…All we have to do is look inside their methods through schooling, cuts in certain government and private areas, the disparity between pay between the CEO of companies and their workers, gas, taxes, control on certain substances even if their is a medical gain, etc. Just takes some reading in between the lines to see that we are still a controlled populous by a different mother country, wearing different clothing, speaking a similar language, with different tactics. We are still the colonized providing for the government. 





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