Post #4 Response to Darcus Howe BBC News Interview- London Riots

This interview showed that regardless of your education attainment, status in society or knowledge you can still be labeled by the color of your skin. Mr. Howe had a great insight as to why the youth were rioting in London. He was addressing the fact that they were tired of being pushed around by the government.  He explained that the youth in the country especially young blacks  were being discriminated against by the government and they were fed up. He said that this was in fact NOT a riot but instead an insurrection. Over the years there have been many protest organized solely based on the fact that people were tired and wanted to be heard. Never once during this interview did Howe stated that he condoned the incident. He simply said that he understood why it was happening. He even tried to explain the event that served as a catalyst for the rioting and the reporter purposely cut him off and label he statements as having no merit. The reporter went on to try to make it seem like he though that the means by which the rioters expressed their frustrations was the right thing to do. Then she tried to insult him by saying that he was no stranger to rioting himself and that he had participated in riots himself. The amazing thing was that she was doing this on live television where people could see her stereotyping this well known writer and broadcaster. I wonder if this had been a white writer or activist would she have behaved the same way? Most likely not because it was easier to just associate his statements with the fact that he was black rather than reality which was that he was just an understanding citizen of the same society.


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