Communist Manifesto Blog # 1

Blog # 1

In the Communist Manifesto, Karl Marx states the tension that built up and eventually erupted between proletariat(working class) and the bourgeois(ruling class). Marx describes how the Communists and proletariat’s  were similar, but the two groups needed to organize their goals. The two groups had to plan on how to proceed with one another. The mutual goal was to abolish capitalism. Violent revolution was necessary by the proletariat to eradicate the circumstances caused by oppression according to the Marxist theory.The sociological theory in this assigned text in Marxist communism. After reading the Communist Manifesto, I became more educated in terms of understanding Marxist theory and what Marxist communism stood for.

In terms of applying Marxist communism in the real world, if the original principles were respected there is a possibility of it working. However we have never really seen it in practice. For instance Lenin adopted his own form of Marxist Communism and in an attempt to implement it, he failed.  What I found interesting from watching the short clip, RSA crises of capitalism, was how it was said at one point in the clip that capitalism does not solve problems, it merely spread the problem elsewhere. I found this statement to be striking because I can see the truth in it. Just when a country seems to be recovering and making improvements in it’s economy, you suddenly hear another country facing economic crisis.


One response to “Communist Manifesto Blog # 1

  1. I’m glad you watched the excellent video on the crises of capitalism and picked up on David Harvey’s critical insight about today’s globalized capitalist *system*: crisis is the nature of the system and though it may seem as if what we call “economic recovery” repairs fundamental problems in the system, the reality, according to Harvey (and Marx), is that they are merely “displaced,” migrating to different places, all the more rapidly with today’s tightly connected, global financial markets.

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