Marx and Capitalism

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Karl Marx spent most of his life studying and protesting capitalism.  Marx believed that if capitalism continued, their would be more social conflicts among the people. He also believed capitalism would lead to the division of the people into two classes,  the capitalist class of private property and the proletariat class of owners of labor and property, basically based on one’s ownership of property, productivity and wealth.

The laws of capitalism is not properly for the people and what Marx was trying to change was more than just government, but a way of life for all people. I believe, to an extent, to Marx’s idea of money and property and labor being the center, the  main component in a capitalist society, ruled and run by it. Marx  and his studies capyured the minds of many on the odea of capitalism.


One response to “Marx and Capitalism

  1. [Oops — I missed this post earlier.]

    Your post zeroes in on a key point — that Marx’s critique called for fundamental social transformation, not merely a change in government. Correct, in Marx’s view, changes in government, political parties, and other elements of competitive politics in capitalist society are secondary and superficial, a kind of charade.

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