Blog #1 Capitalism and Fetishism

I agree with Marx’s theory on Capitalism. He mentioned how capitalism itself puts social living aside making everyone become interested in materialism.  Which bring us to the idea of Fetishism, and object which is believed to have supernatural powers, power over people. We’ve seen Fetishism play out for centuries and is still present in the modern world. This is inevitable, unfortunately we see this on a regular basics. Media and advertising has made this possible over the years, From promoting the latest phones and gadgets to the perfect make up or weight loss programs. We are set to believe that materialistic objects such as a phone is essential in our everyday lives, we’re so dependent on not only having a phone to be able to contact one another but to also have the latest edition of the phone. if you think about it the idea of a phone was for fast communication purposes,   yet we’re so caught up on having a phone that’s 700$  than the one that’s 100$ just because is a expensive brand.


4 responses to “Blog #1 Capitalism and Fetishism

  1. Comment #2
    I totally agree with you when you states the relation between Capitalism, materialism and Fetishism. People nowadays wants to get the latest fashion commodity. Take iphone for example, we all know that each year there is a new iphone that is introduce to the market and there are a bunch of apple fans that “must” get the newest iphone. So they sell their old iphone and get the new one.

  2. I agree with you and David! Everyone, including myself, want the latest product out there even if we do not NEED it. It’s kind of like a disease. People are crazy in a way if you take the time to think about it.

  3. I agree with you on Marx’s idea of capitalism and how it can make people materialistic. Even today, things like clothes, electronics and new cars are being advertised and people want, want, want….Whether it be fetishism or not, the world today revolves around materialism and is making society more capitalist!!!

  4. Comment 1
    I also agree with Marx’s idea of Fetishism, we live in a materialistic society which leads to fetishes over unnecessary things. The worse part about it is that most of us fall for this and enter this cycle of buying newer editions of objects or belongings that we already own. For example I read in the paper this week that the new Grand Theft Auto 5 video game made over $1 billion in three days. Of course the game includes new things that cannot be done in the previous editions but this clearly shows the fetishes people have over new and improved products.

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