Marx’s take on capitalism Is one that is confusing and yet compelling.  When I read his theory on capitalism and it’s affects I agree with him 100%, when he says it takes away from social living and everyone becomes more interested in materialism, I agree with him.  I feel like this world has become solely centered around what can I get today,  And how can I show off, what I don’t have.  There are people out I the streets, and yet we refuse to feed them.  There’s hungry children and yet we don’t acknowledge them.  We like to say the children are our future, but look how we treat each other.  Our kids we never come out any better than we are.  This over harvest idea of throwing food away because of too much commodity disgust me.  I grow up learning that when we throw our food away you think about those who are less fortunate then we are, and to know that companies pay farmers to throw wasted food out sickens me, when that can feed a man, women or child.
It aggravates me to see honest hard working people get nothing for all the hard work, and yet they  barley can feed themselves or keep their homes warm in the winter. Like the cartoon on today’s PowerPoint said, the worker is paying the owner to yell at him to work faster.  I think it’s time for a change where people should fight for some fairness in the work labor force and get paid a fair share of the profit.  Marx’s is right to want to abolish private property it doesn’t help anybody to survive in a capitalist society.  Selfishness never helped, anyone up after they have fallen. Sigh!
I do not know if any of this makes sense, and I feel like I’m rambling on about all these ideas floating in my head that Marx put there, but he was onto something .

One response to “Capitalism

  1. Thoughtful general reflections combining sociological analysis and moral critique. You note, with approval, Marx’s central aim, the abolition of private property. This no doubt would be a minority opinion in the US, where private property is sacred in important ways. Many Americans would say that it’s precisely what one needs to “survive in a *capitalist* society.” It may not actually be true, as you’re suggesting. Nonetheless, I think many people believe it’s true, preferring to invest in capital/capitalism (property) rather than in relations to others, individuals and communities.

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