Marx and Capitalism Today


In today’s society, commodities are like the engine of our lives. It is almost impossible to function efficiently without some technological device. Most jobs even recommend that we are familiar with certain programs and applications within our phones and computers. This is the new way of life in today’s world; we are always looking for new gadgets that are smaller, function quicker and are more convenient for our own personal needs. These commodities are viewed as prized possessions and they are usually guarded by their owner with much care.

People are suffering from commodity fetishism. We work and save our funds to purchase new goods that somehow help to represent who we are. For example, many people have purchased new Samsung Galaxy phones. These phones all have the same functions except people try to personalize their Samsung Galaxy by buying fancy cases, and adding applications along with pictures. So much time is put into maintaining and personalizing this object as if it were a newborn child. The same goes for laptops and tablets; we buy extra accessories in order to have the “perfect object”. Once the object is finally “perfect” we end up having to buy a brand new commodity that is supposedly “better” than the commodity that was just purchased. The cycle begins again with a person buying a new commodity and buying new accessories to personalize that new object.


One response to “Marx and Capitalism Today

  1. Interesting and relevant observations of our fetishization of phones and other hi-tech gadgets. But it’s not clear how this relates to capitalism or what’s problematic about it.

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