Durkheim and the Division of Labor in Society

Blog #2


Emile Durkheim spent his time studying society and the morals and beliefs behind the individual in their day to day life.  His belief on the Division of Labor in Society interests me because it is apparent in todays times. Durkheim claimed “modern society” was eventually going to be disintegrated. Morals and beliefs of traditional times would be modified. Durkheim also talked about the solidarity of the people changing. There was “mechanical” solidarity or the “likness” in a traditional society that eventua;;y gave way to an “organic” solidarity or a more “interdependent” society. Durkheim spent his time trying to explain these changes and understand them.

I believe Durkheim and his studies. Society is divided today by labor: those who work little and receive big pay, those who work a lot to maintain their life status, those who work excessively and still work pay check to pay check and then those in between…. The unbalance labor force…


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