In The Division of Labor in Society, Durkheim discusses how the division of labor is beneficial for society because it increases the capacity for a society to grow. He explains that the skill of the workman creates a feeling of solidarity between people. The division of labor goes beyond economic interests and also serves to establish social and moral order within a society therefore society is held together by a division of labor that makes individuals dependent upon one another because they specialize in different types of work. Durkheim also discusses civilization and says that

Civilization is itself the necessary consequence of the changes which are produced in the volume and in the density of societies” he explains that civilizations come about as an effect from a cause. His ideas on the Division of Labor and how we all depend on one another in the work force can still be applied to todays society. In our current society labor relations are indefenitley intertwined and are a force that must work together in order to properly function. The reality is, that no matter where you are on the labor ladder you will depend of another individual or group in order to properly carry out your labor duties.


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  1. Nicely put. Ilike how you described every aspect of Durkheim’s theory behind the division of labor and how you took the time to place his theory into modern times.

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