Emile Durkheim, a macro-sociologist whom believed that behavior must be understood within a larger social context, not just in individualistic terms.  Take religion for example, he personally believed that society forms religion and the purpose of religion is to  integrate individuals into strong bonding groups. So he  focused on the functions of a religion performed and emphasized the role of group life, which in Durkheim’s theory of religion the existence of “god” is not essential.

Since Durkheim’s main interests was to developed a fundamental thesis to explain all forms of modern society. He traced the unusually high suicide rates throughout the history, which he developed the concept of anomie to characterize the condition of a society or group with a high degree of confusion and contradiction in its basic social norms. Durkheim believed that when the state of anomie occurs, such as the Great Depression, the suicide rate rises rapidly. Individuals are easily confuse and unable to cope with the new social environment that they may resort to suicide.

Durkheim was concerned about the dangers that alienation, loneliness, and isolation might pose for modern industrial societies. So he encouraged the creation of new social groups-such as unions- would provide a sense of belonging for members of huge, impersonal societies.


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