Young Latinas Suicide

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I was not surprised at all that Young Latin women were the most likely to attempt suicide. Coming from a Latin family and living in America, I completely understand why my ethnic group is at such high risk. Latinas have two cultures to pick and choose from, but pressured to stay a ‘good’ traditional Latina. Identity is an ever changing part of a Latin girl/woman. Teen pregnancy is rampant in our community, which only adds to the issues affecting these young girls. Sustaining education, cultural clashes, social pressures, and becoming inexperienced mothers either provoke motivation or depression. Even when pregnancy is not an issue, young Latinas wanting to become the independent ‘American’ woman are always pressured to marry and become exemplary wives and mothers. As Talk of the Nation mentions, the high drop out rate and social isolation are also major factors adding to the statistics of ‘most likely to attempt suicide’. I was surprised the LGBT factor was not mentioned in the program, as this is another major difference in who the Latina woman is supposed to be. The conservative methods that Latin parents generally engage in for their daughters are unrealistic to who the Latinas actually are, and the world around them. I completely agree with the perception of not having any role models in the media while growing up, Hispanic television only focused on romantic dramas and family problems. Independence is hard to achieve when a Latina girl is restrained/looked down upon if there’s any deviance from the traditional Latin woman. The gender role expectations can become impossible to manage, causing young girls to look for a way out, even if fatal. Durkheim pointed out social factors causing suicide, and all of the factors affecting young Latinas fall into the social sphere. Young Latinas suicide attempts are indicators of egoistic suicide. It cannot be part of anomie because Latinas actually get too much moral regulation within their cultures.


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  1. Ermy, you make a great point when speaking about the LGBT factor, I did not think about this when viewing the program. I think in today’s society we are more open to the LGBT community and for those who belong to this community and are hispanic, it plays a huge role in the struggle they face when finding their identity. It is so hard for them because like you stated above, Latinas have so much pressure to be traditional and will be looked down upon if straying from the cultural norm. This does cause inner conflict and struggle which ultimately causes depression and like you stated above “fatal” You also make a great example of how young Latinas exemplify egoistic suicide instead of anomie suicide, due to the “moral regulation” in which they endure.

  2. Insightful post, E. Indeed, the research suggests that young Latinas tend to suffer from intense “moral regulation within their cultures.” But one of the key arguments from these studies is that they are simultaneously subject to another set of moral standards from mainstream American culture. This results in a kind of “moral confusion” that Durkheim conceptualized as *anomie*. The other modern social pathology of *egoism* is a lack of *social integration*, where individuals are socially isolated, lack regular social connections. This does not seem to characterize the situation of the young women profiled here, who tend to be part of tight-knit families. Their suffering seems less the result of lacking social ties and more about the conflicting moral expectations from their families and the broader culture.

    • I contemplated about the anomic suicide and the egoistic, and both can be applied.I see how perhaps for most Latinas it would be characterized as anomic suicide but from what I’ve perceived and my own personal experience, I still stand by egoistic suicide. The Latin American girls’ struggles go beyond pleasing the moral expectations of family amd tradition. It is an identity crisis which clashes with the various social groups they can belong to, it is a mix of ideals and interests that are difficult to fully express in any of the given social circles.

  3. Comment 4 :
    I agree that is not surprising that Young Latin women are more likely to attempt suicide. Especially since the family expectations and the social life of the Latin women are extremely different. America is a mix of all cultures which is more confusing for a Latin women since they come from different backgrounds.They are expected to follow family traditions but at the
    same time they want to fit in. This cause them to easily be lost and when they feel lost, they are more likely to feel alone, which cause them to feel depressed and some commit suicide

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