Blog #1 Durkheim&suicide.

            Durkheim explains that there are 3 types of suicide that exists.  One is known as anomic suicide, which is when people feel disconnected from guiding norms and values, most likely the individual feels as if he/she no longer fits into society. It could be from a dramatic loss in an economic or industrialized situation. An example of this can be an investor may commit suicide after loosing all the moneys he’s invested. Next is Egoistic suicide it usually happens when people feel unconnected with society. They really have no motivation to want to keep going forward and there is nothing or no one pushing them to keep going. This type of suicide usually happens when people lose loved ones, or jobs and just really have nothing going for them (so they think).  Example of this could be a child in a foster care that grew up without have a stable home or someone that was they’re always supporting them.

The last type of suicide explained by Durkheim is altruistic suicide is when an individual gives his life up for a social group. This could either be looked upon as sacrifice (this would usually happen in a small community most likely in a non-industrialized society.) This could also been seen a heroic, Someone during wartime could spare themselves in order to save other lives.

            Suicide is in the top three reasons of death of almost all age groups. Besides perhaps Altruistic suicide, the other 2 reasons could be worked upon changing someone’s mind in feeling like they really have no purpose to go on. It is important to stop bullying, wrongfully judging, verbal/physical abuse of people. We never know when someone’s cup is full and they can no longer handle it. There are many support groups out there that are willing to help anyone for free. Just sometimes flashing a smile or telling someone hello, can really change around someone’s mood. It is influential to want to make people feel like they have a purpose to keep going instead of bringing people down.


3 responses to “Blog #1 Durkheim&suicide.

  1. I didn’t know suicide was the top three reasons of death… but this goes to show how people need support from institutions, family and friends (i.e. anyone). Durkheim explained that as our society advances and becomes more complex, the more individualistic it will become; for instance, today, it is common for people to live by themselves, or, even worse, it is common for people to not know their neighbors. As such, if someone is going through a rough patch and can’t find their grounding, how can s/he bounce back when there is no support? So, I agree that greeting someone or asking about their day can make more of an impact than one may realize. Not only does it signify that you acknowledge their existence, it also signifies that you care about their wellbeing.

  2. As you describe anomie describes a situation in which “people feel disconnected from guiding norms and values” and the “individual feels as if he/she no longer fits into society.” Anomie — not egoism — is when “people feel unconnected with society.” Egoism is when people ARE unconnected with society. It can indeed happen when people lose loved ones or jobs — but it’s due to the loss of social connections caused by the passing of loved ones or job loss.

  3. Comment 5 : Suicide is very common in all parts of the world. No specific age group in all parts of the world. it is very common for individuals to feel disconnected from society. That is called anomic suicide which a individual kill themselves due to losing money ex. An investors.Egotistical suicide is when one person has no motivation to keep going forward towards life. Altruistic suicide is when individual gives up his life for a social group. Giving up his life to save the whole world.

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