Durkheim writes in his piece on suicide, that one of the reasons that suicide occurs is due to social economic factors. He explains that during times of economic hardships suicide rates tend to rise due to an individuals struggle to belong in his/her society. This piece in particular was interesting to read because i find this explanation to be very accurate. I had previously never thought of suicide as being related to society but rather a personal concept in which a given individual would be struggling with certain issues such as self esteem, family problems, marriage, school life ect. Yet as i kept reading this piece i couldnt help but think about the many suicides occuring during our recent stock market crash of 2008. I remember constantly hearing stories of what i thought were wealthy individuals committing suicide and not understanding why in my mind they were wealthy so they had nothing to worry about it was the middle/lower class that should be worried. I later realized these wealthy individuals were the ones used to the extravagant life styles, owned several homes which meant several morgages as well as expensive cars and clothes and these individuals were now the ones without a job failing to make payments for all of their properties. They were being swallowed up by the economic crisis that the country was suffering and saw no way out. This is the perfect example to Durkheims idea on suicide based on social issues.


6 responses to “Suicide

  1. i agree with Durkheim’s suicide statement as well. Many people would never expect the ones with millions of dollars to be the ones committing suicide. We’d all do anything for that type of money. But it is often that these people are under immense amount of stress by their corporate companies and demanding lifestyles. Combine this with the stock market crash or a rapid decrease in the economy, and these people have lost almost everything.

  2. you make a great connection between Durkheim’s concept of suicide seen in modern day. When major crisis strikes such as the example you give of the stock market crashing and those affected commit suicide, Durkheim would refer to this type of suicide as anomic suicide (anomie). This is when suicide is the result of sudden prosperity and sudden downturns. There is a shift and disruption in an individuals life.

  3. I can see why socioeconomic factors may influence suicide, at the same time there have been cases where people who are financially prosperous but have committed suicide. There can be personal conflict within a persons life where they feel that even money cannot free themselves or solve their problems, hence they pursue the act of suicide

  4. I really like your connection between todays modern day, and Durkheim’s ideology of suicide. An event such as the stock market crashing with the people who were affected that committed suicide, these seems like anomic suicide. A sudden shift in an individuals life.

  5. I also taught that people only committed suicide because of problems like family, marriage, and school until I read Durkheim’s piece on suicide and realized that suicide can also be caused by society. These wealthy individuals buy plenty of nice houses, cars, expensive clothing, and many other expensive material. Until something tragic happens like the Stock Market Crash and they don’t know how to cope with it.

  6. I agree with how you made connection to suicides being linked to society. I agree with your last comment regarding wealthy people and their over excessive shopping of luxury goods which might add up and down the road their career fails and everything they are currently finishing to pay off goes down the drain as well. Well, i believe some of these wealthy individuals also commit suicide because they are unable to cope with the image they need to be representing, it may not only be regarding the loss of money but maybe their image has been jeopardized and they are unable to intake that so they feel like the only way they may be able to save the future of their family name or save themselves is by committing suicide. You were spot on with your connections, though other factors do play in, i completely agree with the one you stated.

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