Blog #3-Weber

I believe that each of Max Weber’s different types of social action is valid because all individuals go about their lives acting in certain ways for different reasons. Some people act on emotion, others do it for the sole purpose of achieving a certain goal, others do it because of a strong belief or value, and others do it because of tradition. One single individual may incorporate all different types of social action into his or her life, depending on the specific circumstance.

The type of social action that really speaks to me is traditional because as I was focusing on these four types of social action, I realized that so many of my own actions come from a source of tradition. By this I mean that I do not necessarily think about why I am doing certain actions; I just do it because that is the only way I know; it is tradition. As a modern orthodox Jew, so much of my life revolves around tradition. When I am performing an act connected to Judaism I do not necessarily stop to think about why I am doing it, whether it is rational, whether I value what I am doing, or whether I will ultimately benefit from this action, rather, I do it because it is tradition and it is what has always been done. I keep the Sabbath, I eat strictly Kosher, and so much more, and while I have come to love this way of life, If I had not started doing it because of family tradition, I am not sure it is something I would have started doing on my own because it is not something I see as a means to an end or something that seems so logical. Perhaps tradition is not the most rational idea but I do believe that acting because of tradition usually come from a good place.


2 responses to “Blog #3-Weber

  1. It sounds like you are very religious. I’m sure many people who are just as religious as you act based on tradition as well. From another perspective, you could say that it is a mix between tradition and values because you value religion and therefore, behave in certain ways because of it.

  2. Excellent, down-to-earth presentation and application of Weber’s ideal types of social action, M.

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